Prakasam Barrage – The Icon of Vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage – The Icon of Vijayawada

Summary: If you are planning your trip to Vijayawada, never forget to plan your visit to the Prakasam Barrage.


If you are exploring the attractions in Vijayawada, the place that you should never miss out to include in your itinerary is of course the Prakasam Barrage. Before getting into the details about this Barrage, the thing to remember is that it is located close to the most popular temple in Vijayawada called Sri Durga Malleswari Temple. So, when you are planning to visit the Barrage, you can include this temple as well in your trip plan.

About the Barrage:


The structure of the Prakasam Barrage runs nearly 1223m across the great Krishna River. The great thing about this barrage is that this river links the Krishna district on which the city of Vijayawada is located with the nearby Guntur District. Even, the barrage acts as the road bridge between these two districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city of Vijayawada holds the pride of hosting the three canals that are connected with the barrage – Bandar canal, Eluru canal and Ryves canal. The Barrage was necessitated to be constructed to meet the demands of the increased irrigation ayacut of 13 Lakhs acres. It has total 76 pillars in which, 70 pillars fall under Guntur and 6 pillars fall under Krishna district.



Benefits of Prakasam Barrage to the state:

The Barrage assures water supply not just to the Krishna and Guntur Districts, but it serves the Prakasam and West Godavari Districts as well.
Due to the irrigation from this Barrage, nearly Rs.2500 crores worth of food grains can be produced each year, thereby improving the agricultural revenue for the state.
Transportation is also eased and it stated that this Barrage brings strategic value for movement of exports and imports on National Highway 5.
Tourist attraction too:

Not just for irrigating the agricultural lands, this Barrage also contributes its great share towards tourism development in the city of Vijayawada.


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